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Hi, I'm Kyle!

A Passionate Filmmaker

My whole life, I've had a passion for filmmaking. I love creating engaging, awe-inspiring videos that leave people with a sense of wonder. As I've continued down the filmmaking path, even learning things such as 3D animation, I'm always looking for ways to grow.


Being well-versed in all things video, I'm thrilled to show you a few of the many projects I've immersed myself in over the years.

Take a look at my work!

I know what it takes to shoot, edit, and animate high-quality work!

Actively working with Unreal Engine, the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, and Blender 3D in order to create stunning visuals.

Live Action Content

Motion Graphics

3D Animation

I've been working in video for over 5 years. With this plethora of production experience, I can come up with any video solution to fit your needs.

Let's get in touch!


Let's make some art!

Kyle Frederick
New Orleans, Louisiana


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